Accounting for Real Estate

Summa knows Real Estate Accounting and understands that Commercial and Multi-Family properties are different. We know what’s needed including specific statements for common cost allocation, rent rolls, return on investment, and other industry-specific financial information. In addition to basic accounting for real estate we can assist with the following:

  • Rent collections through auto-debit

  • Assistance in attending residential tenancy board hearings

  • Rent roll summaries including lease renewal notification and automatic rent increases

  • Credit and background checks for new tenants

  • Trust account set-up and paying suppliers

  • Fully consolidated multi-property statements

  • Full coordination with on-site staff

  • Help from our affiliated company in leasing residential or commercial space

Construction Accounting and Job Costing

Summa understands your need for accounting that supports your business. In the construction industry, you need to know margins on a job by job basis — and you need to know this almost in real time. We can show you how to properly set everything up to facilitate this kind of reporting. Using infield scans of receipts, uploaded to our server, we can process your paperwork almost as quickly as you are signing for delivery of materials. We’ll also ask the right questions that will determine the percentage of completion on jobs, work in process, and material inventory to make sure your statements are as accurate as possible.


Daily tracking of cash flows reconciled to your sales is important to retail businesses. At Summa, we work with a variety of point of sale systems and can likely access your information from the cloud. This allows us to log into your systems daily to update sales and cash numbers to facilitate quick analysis of trends. We can also assist in period-ending inventory counts to render production numbers on a timely basis. With help from our automated payroll partner Wagepoint, we can process your payroll and have it posted to your accounting records in no time at all.

Service Industries

Summa gets that all service businesses are not created equal. Every business has certain nuances that make it unique. We’ve worked with a lot of service operations, including web design, IT, electricians, plumbers, architects, marketing, dentistry, and many others. Each one has their own reporting needs and accounting requirements. With our experience, we are confident that we have seen your situation or type of business before. Don’t be shy, give us a call … we don’t bite … (unless you’re a cookie bakery).


We will be happy, answering your questions.